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Jun 25

1-on-1 Agent & Casting Showcase Prep with Top Coach Anthony Aibel

Acting with Anthony Aibel

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July 24, 2022

This opportunity has expired and is no longer available

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1-on-1 Agent & Casting Showcase Prep with Top Coach Anthony Aibel

Acting with Anthony Aibel

Posted on
Jun 25


Company states: Anthony Aibel, considered by many best in the business, will include a free session w/monthly package & prep you Online 1-on-1 for auditions, upcoming showcases for agents/casting directors so you stand out from the crowd. He’s directing/casting a new series being pitched to Netflix, etc.; his book out in 2023; 31 years experience, won Juilliard award for educational work, helping hundreds land agents and roles on HBO, NBC, Universal, ABC, Disney, Netflix, Nick, Showtime, Paramount, TBS, ABC, etc. Anthony Aibel comes from a family that includes an A-list casting director and a major DreamWorks producer. He is also a producer of a series that featured Emmy-winner Judd Hirsch as a guest star and is now directing another episodic series. In his online private coaching, you will be directed by Aibel on-camera and learn how to instantly improve your acting reel and résumé, plus explore as needed: audition, on-camera, cold-read, improv, Meisner, method, comedy, sensory, and Aibel's own techniques, as well as career strategies - including how to get invited to more big auditions and get a manager, and how to stand out with authenticity. Self-tape auditions can be done with Aibel as your reader."


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Tuition fee TBD. Discounts avail for June include a free hour session! Submit now to be accepted, then a link will be sent for scheduling, discount details, and video link.

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Sunday, July 24, 2022
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Acting with Anthony Aibel


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