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Jul 22

Moving and art handling company needs responsible Drivers.

Cool Hand Movers LLC

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Moving and art handling company needs responsible Drivers.

Cool Hand Movers LLC

Posted on
Jul 22


Cool Hand Movers is always looking for new talent as we continue to expand our services and network in NYC. We are a small, family-run business delivering high-quality services for our wonderful clients. If you think you’d be a good addition to our crew, take a look at the content below and get in touch!

The job comes with hourly wages ranging from $15-20/hour, plus an additional $10-15/hour give or take in the form of cash tips. So it's really more like $25-35/hour factoring in the gratuity. After working here for a few months with strong job performance, employees are eligible to receive PTO.

High job performance has to do with punctuality, attendence, compliance with company policies and procedures, ability to work well with teamates, positive customer feedback, and willingness to take constructive criticism, improve and grow into the position.

Some days are easy and simple, some are a little more stressful. Every day you are working somewhere different, no day is the same. We take pride in providing a fair and respectful work environment, and we do whatever we can to make the experience worthwhile not just for our customers but for our employees.

Full Covid-19 vaccination is a requirement for this position.

A Driver/Mover must:
- safely maneuver and park trucks throughout the city.
- maintain a personable and professional attitude with customers.
- be a team player, always ready to learn new things and take direction from the team leader.
professionally wrap furniture and delicate household items using blankets and tape, shrink wrap, markers for labeling and other equipment.
- be able to lift 50-100 pounds.
- pack trucks securely for transit through the city or over long distances.
- use manual and/ or power tools to disassemble and reassemble furniture.
- feed muni-meters and gas up the trucks when needed.
- have practical knowledge of the truck routes and restrictions


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